Sports at the Tres Anclas Hotel

Gimnasio Hotel Tres Anclas
Piscina climatizada - Centro de Relax Hotel Tres Anclas
Pista de Tenis - Hotel Tres Anclas
Pista de Padel - Hotel Tres Anclas
Salón de juegos - Hotel Tres Anclas
Piscina de niños y adultos - Hotel Tres Anclas

The hotel has to the guest disposal all of its facilities and if you don’t bring the material (rackets and balls, tennis and paddle), we leave it you.

  • Padel court
    • Guests: 12 € – Hour and half
    • Don’t guests: 20 € – Hour and half
  • Tennis court
    • All: 6 €- Hour
  • Outside pool (Summer)
  • Children’s pool (Summer)
  • Board games
  • Table Tennis (Summer)
  •  Gym
    • Separate use of the rest of the Relax Center– 2.50 €