Places of Interest

Playa de Gandia

We want to suggest some plans to our guests to make their stay in Gandia more interesting.


Gandia has one of the best climates in the Mediterranean coast. While its temperatures are over 11º degrees Celsius in January, in August its average temperature is around 25º degrees Celsius.


Gandia has 6 km of lineal coast and 700.000 m2 of white thin sand surface with different atmospheres where you can choose your favourite one. All of its beaches have its own quality certification.


We suggest our guests to visit the North Beach, L´Ahuir Beach or even the Rafalcait Beach. L´Ahuir beach is a 2km long natural beach of White thin sand. It´s ideal to practice any nautical sport or nudism. Rafalcait beach is a semiurban beach on the south side of the Serpis river close to old fishermen´s houses. A quite place to enjoy its thin sand.


In Gandia you can also find culture visiting the town which was the Borgia´s birthplace, one of the most powerful families in the middle ages in Europe.


The Ducal City and Palace in Gandia dates from 1399 a.c. and you can enjoy its culture, its art and its architecture. The Ducal Palace, the Collegiate Church, the Archaeological Museum Hospital Sant Marc, the Old University, the culture house or the Serrane Theatre are some of the most noted buildings in Gandia.

Another very interesting building to visit is Sant Jeroni De Cotalba monastery, built in 1388 and located only 8km from Gandia.


If you love nature, you must know Gandia is completely surrounded of a beautiful landscape full of contrasts, creating an enviable natural environment. You can walk through the Marjal during the sunset in Summer, Spring or Autumn with your family or your couple to take an unforgettable memory with you.


On the Back of Gandia you can find the Monduver. A 841m high mountain full of routes to walk through to practice hiking from Gandia or Xeresa. You can also climb it walking or by bicycle form La Drova.


If you like Cycling, Gandia can be the perfect start line to reach some destinations like Xativa, Cullera or Denia and enjoy perfect daily excursions on your own or in group.

Fideuà de Gandia - Hotel Tres Anclas

We want to conquer our guests through the palate. That’s the reason to love the restoration and the cuisine the way we do it. We also want to add the best service.


Gandia´s cuisine is typically Mediterranean, so it mix the best ingredients from both the land and the sea. Vegetables, rice, fish and shellfish are its basic products.


The most typical recipe from Gandia is the Fideua. It’s similar to the paella, though with noodles instead of rice. In addition the fideua is also cooked with fish, shellfish and Mediterranean vegetables.
The fideua was invented by some sailors who realized that they had forgotten the rice to cook a paella when they were sailing on the open sea. As they had noodles in the ship, they used them instead creating a delicious recipe which became very popular among all Gandia citizens. Nowadays the Fideua has its own international contest every year in Gandia to recognize the best chefs.
Gandia´s restaurants are also famous because of the fish they cooked. Most of it is daily fish and sold in Gandia´s lonja, the fish market next to the port, offering their customers seasonable products.