Gandia Beach, Spain

Gandia Beach is definitely, one of the best urban beaches in Spain

With its more than 3 km of fine sand, your vacation will be an unforgettable memory.

Gandia Beach‘s more than 2km of promenade that goes from the Nautical Club to where the dune zone of the beach begins.The walk has a pedestrian area, bike path and there is a garden area. At night you can stroll along the promenade and enjoy the sea breeze, music, shops, restaurants, etc.
You can take a walk to the lighthouse by the new breakwater. Underneath the walk is an underground parking for a fee.

Awards and Rewards

Blue Flag

Q of Tourism Quality

Emas Rules

ISO Certificates

Thematic Distinctions in Rescue and Rescue

Beach Area at Tres Anclas Hotel
Gandia Beach Services

  1. Showers and footbath
  2. Sport in the sand (goalposts, basketball courts, volleyball nets)
  3. Childish games
  4. Beach bar with public toilets
  5. Nautical sports
  6. Rental roller skate
  7. Rental of parasols and loungers
  8. Etc…

Webcam of the Gandia Beach

Here you can see live the situation of Gandia Beach 24 hours a day.