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Quality Policy

Given the new challenges in which we find ourselves immersed due to the natural evolution of the market and technology, and with the primary objective of being able to guarantee our own subsistence, it is necessary to establish unanimous and differentiated performance criteria in such a way that individual efforts are not be depleted either by lack of clear guidelines or misinterpretation of the paths to follow to achieve the established business objectives.

It is a primordial condition that we have in all our activities the perspective that these should always be based on the HOTEL TRES ANCLAS is an organization based on compliance with legal, regulatory or specific requirements and continuous improvement. On the other hand, the HOTEL TRES ANCLAS is also an organization totally oriented to the client, understanding their needs and expectations in such a way that we achieve a balance between the client and the rest of the affected parties.

Our global conception of client leads us to consider essential the existence of people who coordinate the activities of the organization through the conception of leadership to create and maintain the internal environment that involves all the staff in the achievement of the objectives, promoting the participation of the staff in the active search for opportunities to increase their skills, knowledge and experiences, while being able to freely share this knowledge and experiences.

It also aims to be a feature of the HOTEL TRES ANCLAS, its clear commitment to satisfaction and comfort in the stay of clients and the restoration offered, and the achievement of specific objectives and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the management system and the processes in these areas.

The only way that we consider valid to achieve our subsistence, with leadership as the main objective, is the standardization and discipline in our work, which leads us to the implementation of a management model based on the reference standard UNE-EN ISO 9001 As a culmination to “our way of working”, it is essential the recognition by the accreditation and certification entities, an objective that we consider capital for the subsistence of the company.

For all the above, the management is committed to provide the necessary means for the proper functioning and development of the organization and expects the support and collaboration of all staff to achieve the new goals that we have proposed.

The Management Policy developed here is not intended to be an institutional framework immovable and rigid, but it is a reference that must be evolving and conforming to the demands and new strategies found during its application.

The direction

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